Jugs pitching machine models are top of the line

The Jugs pitching machine line is probably the most well-known of all the pitching machines available today. The Jugs company makes a variety of pitching machine models that vary in price depending on which kind of budget you have to work with. Starting off with the high-end model, you have the very versatile Curveball Combo … Read more

The rotational hitting philosophy of instruction

Rotational hitting is a relatively new philosophy of hitting instruction that has caught the attention of many players and is somewhat debated due to its difference from the conventional hitting instruction of old. Made popular by former Major League ballplayer, Mike Epstein, the rotational swing is supposed to produce more bat speed as opposed to … Read more

Pitching baseball training equipment

There is a lot of throwing / pitching baseball training equipment that I would highly recommend to invest in to help improve velocity and accuracy. It all depends on the budget you have to work with, but some of these training aids can be very useful. Radar Guns The first option I will present you … Read more

Soft toss pitching machines

If you’re looking for a soft toss machine, check out the models listed on this page. Soft toss machines are a great training tool to use at home when practicing by yourself. You can use them in your garage or your backyard as long as you have a good soft toss net. They will help … Read more

Baseball Bat Rules

Here you can find baseball bat rules for many of the well-known leagues of youth and amateur baseball. Learn about the rules concerning bat weight and length. Click on the link to which ever league you or your child plays in to open a new window and look at that league’s website. On the league … Read more